Asparagus, pure and simple

I love asparagus and since it’s in season, I have it on my shopping list every week. Last night I took my nice, fresh asparagus out of the bag to prepare it and looked at the tag attached. There was a recipe for fried asparagus in beer batter. Now why take this healthy, beautiful vegetable […]

Cool drinks for warm days

The weather is warming up and we’ve got cool, fruity protein supplement drinks in our store. With 12 to 15 grams of protein per drink these refreshing beverages will help you stay hydrated and meet your protein goals. Just mix with cold water, add ice, sip, and enjoy. Stop by our Health Store and choose […]

Celebrate National Garlic Day

Garlic Day promotes the many uses of garlic. And, there certainly are many uses. It’s a vegetable. It’s an herb. It is used in recipes world-wide. Garlic has been used medicinally for thousands of years. The health benefits come from the sulfur-containing compounds and also cause the distinct odor. When you think of garlic think […]

Recipe of the Month

Edamame Stir-Fry You can buy edamame shelled or unshelled, fresh or frozen. Fresh edamame should be used within two days of purchase.  Look for pods that are plump and firm and keep them refrigerated. This recipe can be served as a vegetarian main dish or a side dish. If you want more protein, add diced […]

Tip of the Month

Drink your fluids. With the weather warming up it gets easier to drink fluids but you may still not be getting enough fluids to stay well hydrated. Some of your daily fluid needs come from the food you eat. Drinking enough fluids, especially water, can help you manage your weight, prevent constipation problems, and keep […]

Edamame Snacking

Looking for a healthier snack for you and your family? The soybean snack food, edamame is great choice compared to typical snack foods. Edamame is good source of high quality protein, fiber, iron, thiamin, floated, vitamin K, and magnesium. It is also one of the few plant sources that contain omega-3 fatty acids.   Snack […]

What is a Vertical Sleeve?

  A newer weight loss procedure introduced to medicine, the vertical sleeve is gaining popularity among patients that are searching for weight loss solutions. Although it is similar to Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, vertical sleeve procedures vary slightly from gastric bypass in the following ways: Your stomach is reduced in size by 85%, allowing you […]

New in our Health Store from Celebrate

We’ve added berries & cream flavored Calcium PLUS 500 chewable tablets to our store.  Each tablet delivers 500 mg of calcium citrate and contains 333 IU of vitamin D3 for healthy absorption and is suitable for new postop patients. These chews are sugar-free as well, so you don’t have to worry about getting extra carbs […]

I am in Control Day

Today is the day to get your life in control. Today is definitely a call to action.  “I am in Control Day” is your chance to get things in order and under control whether at home or at work. The first step is to take a deep breath and relax. Now, assess the situation, and […]