The WBI Bariatric Surgical Team & Support Staff

Western Bariatric Institute houses two board-certified surgeons who are committed to the care and comfort of each surgical weight loss patient. This means one is always on call. In addition to our surgeons, our clinic includes a professional Doctor of Nursing Practice, Physicians Assistant, patient advocate staff, schedulers, insurance authorization specialists, and a talented support staff. Our clinic is built on providing the highest level of patient care to make the weight loss process as smooth as possible.

Our bariatric surgeons’ expertise is showcased in the work we do for every patient. Since our program’s inception in 2000, they and our working staff have completed over 4,000 surgical cases, helping many in our community obtain their weight loss goals! Our surgeons incorporate Laparoscopic, or minimally invasive surgery, into all weight loss procedures.

Choosing the right bariatric surgeon, procedure, and clinic is very important and varies from patient to patient. For this reason, Western Bariatric is committed to providing the information and resources needed to make an informed decision. Doing the proper research ensures you are a candidate for weight loss surgery and helps determine a viable solution for improving your health. We can highlight the pros and cons of weight loss surgery, provide you with dietary/exercise guidance, and be your resource to resolve any issues that may arise.

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John Ganser, MD, FACS
Lars Webb, MD, FACS


Support Staff

Laurie McGinley, DNP, MS, CNS, APN, CBN
Curtis Smith, PA-C
Mason Hermosillo, Patient Advocate
Mason Hermosillo, Patient Advocate