The WBI Bariatric Surgical Team & Support Staff

Western Bariatric Institute houses two board certified surgeons who are committed to the care and comfort of their surgical weight loss patients. With two surgeons, one of them is always on call.  In addition to our surgeons, our clinic houses a highly trained Doctor of Nursing Practice, a Registered Dietitian, a patient advocate staff, schedulers, insurance authorization specialists and support staff. Our clinic is built around providing the highest level of patient care possible to make the process towards weight loss a smooth one.

Our bariatric surgeon’s level of expertise can be showcased through their extensive surgical experience. Since our program’s inception in 2000, our surgeons have completed over 4000 surgical cases, helping many in our community to attain their weight loss goals! Our surgeons perform Laparoscopic or minimally invasive surgery on all the weight loss procedures.

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John Ganser MD, FACS
Mark Kozar MD, FACS

Support Staff

WBI green
Vicki Bovee, MS, RDN, LD
WBI Dietitian
Laurie McGinley, DNP, MS, CNS, APN, CBN
Curtis Smith, PA-C
Mason Hermosillo, Patient Advocate
Mason Hermosillo, Patient Advocate