Healthy Recipes

November Recipe of the Month

  Pumpkin Pie Pudding This homemade pudding may be more than work than instant pudding mix and is worth the effort. The taste is far superior plus it doesn’t have ingredients you can’t pronounce. Omit the nuts and this recipe is suitable for the smooth food and soft food stage after surgery. This recipe is […]

September Recipe of the Month

Touchdown Spinach Dip   The spinach combines with artichokes and beans to give you a dip with more fiber, reduced fat, and still tastes great. Traditional spinach dip has twice the calories and six times more fat than this easy recipe. If you want a little more kick, just sprinkle in some red pepper. Serve […]

August Recipe

Watermelon Salad A summer picnic or barbeque wouldn’t be complete without sweet, refreshing watermelon. Give it a different spin with this easy make-ahead side dish. To pick a good melon, choose one that is free from bruises, cuts, or dents. Pick it up. It should be heavy for its size. Turn it over. The underside […]

Gastric Bypass Pureed Diet

There are many variables individuals should consider before fully committing to a gastric bypass procedure. This includes physical health, proper candidacy, and pre-op preparations. But what about after surgery? One of the things commonly overlooked is post-op meals. At Western Bariatric Institute, we employ a pureed diet after surgery to get the stomach accustom to […]

Recipe of the Month

  Curried Apple & Tuna Salad Curry powder is a blend of spices and varies in different countries and regions. Turmeric is common to all curry blends and gives it its yellow color. The curcumin in turmeric is thought to act as an anti-inflammatory agent. The taste of curry with the crunch of the apples […]

Tasty Tuesday

  Edamame &  Chicken Greek Salad Make this simple salad even easier by using rotisserie chicken from the deli. Put your salad on a bed of greens to add more veggies. If you’re packing it for lunch, put the greens in separate container to keep them crisp. At lunch time, simply put the chicken salad […]

Brain Health and Exercise

There are tons of benefits to physical activity. Along with a balanced diet, it can lead to better heart health and weight loss. But what about the brain? Recent studies show that regular exercise can improve memory and heighten your mood. As if you needed another reason to get out and exercise, here are the […]

Recipe of the Month

  Grilled Peaches with Honey, Yogurt, and Mint Fresh peaches are in season so this is the time to enjoy them. Any variety of peach will work with this recipe, but if you use a freestone it will be easier to remove the pit. Purchase ripe peaches since they do not ripen well after they […]

Pro Tips for More Protein

When you were young, you probably heard your parents tell you to eat your meats, dairy, fish, and grains if you wanted to grow big and strong. Believe it or not, they were right. Proteins are essential to a healthy body and can help you stay fuller for longer. In addition, they can fuel your […]

Tasty Thursday

  Homemade BBQ Sauce This sauce is usually made with a base of a tomato product, vinegar, liquid smoke, spices, salt, pepper, and sweeteners. Commercially prepared barbeque sauce is loaded with salt and sugar. If you have had gastric bypass or sleeve surgery, the sugar in the sauce may cause dumping syndrome. Make your own […]