Weight Loss Surgery

Affordable Weight Loss Surgery

If you are looking for the cheapest weight loss surgery, look no further than Western Bariatric Institute. Surgery costs are dependent  your insurance and how it is contracted with WBI and with your preferred hospital. For a good reference though, our Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure price is $15,905* when you choose to self-pay. The prices of our other popular weight loss […]

Stomach Surgery for Weight Loss

There are few different types of stomach surgeries for weight loss but it depends on where you are in your weight loss journey on which weight loss surgery is best for you. To be a candidate for weight loss surgery you must meet a few guidelines. If you are severely obese, with a Body Mass Index […]

Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

We’ve had a few patients come in and ask us what we thought about weight loss surgery in Mexico because they are looking to find an answer to their weight issues.  There are many  patients  we see who have tried just about everything to lose weight. They’ve been to doctors, tried the diets, exercised, went […]

Types of Weight Loss Surgery

There are 7 types of weight loss surgery (also called “bariatric surgery”) available, including*: Gastric Sleeve – feel less hungry & full sooner while eating Gastric Bypass – feel full sooner while eating & absorb fewer minerals Duodenal Switch – feel less hungry & full sooner while eating, absorb fewer calories and minerals (Not offered at Western Bariatric […]

Surgical Weight Loss Option in Reno

Surgical weight loss options in Reno are everywhere, but starting with Western Bariatric ensures that your surgery will go smoothly and you will have a trusted partner through the entirety of your journey, no matter how long it takes. At Western Bariatric Institute, your journey will include much more than just weight loss surgery. Our surgeons […]

Bariatric Surgery, Reno

Western Bariatric Institute (WBI) is an established, highly experienced multidisciplinary weight loss surgery center based in Reno, Nevada. Our bariatric clinic began in 2000 as a division of Western Surgical Group, the largest surgical practice in Northern Nevada. For bariatric surgery in Reno and bariatric surgery on the west coast, we are the nation’s most trusted and […]

Still Confused About Which Surgery is Right for You?

We get this question quite a bit, is weight loss surgery right for me? Which one then? Weighing your lifestyle and the costs of surgery are the two major points usually discussed. Never fret, though, you have options! The surgeons at Western Bariatric Institute (WBI)  perform multiple types of weight loss surgical procedures which allow patients to have […]

What is a Gastric Balloon?

The gastric balloon is silicon and inserted into the stomach endoscopically. It is filled with a sterile solution to lead to a “feeling of fullness.” Orbera and ReShape are the current choices on the US market. Only about 5,000 devices have been implanted in the US (8/2017 data).  Both balloon systems have been recently approved for […]

Calcium, Calcium, Calcium

Getting back to your normal self after weight loss surgery as soon as possible is our goal here at Western Bariatric Institute. Most patients find that they will be able to complete the pre-operative process quickly and that the time from seminar to a surgery date is about 2 – 3 months. This time frame […]