WBI Health and Lifestyle Program Details

Lose 15-25 Pounds in 12 Weeks!

How to get started:

Request a consultation in the form provided to the right.

Fill out WBI Health Lifestyle Paperwork  and  fax it to 775-789-9210 or email to mhermosillo@westernsurgical.com.

Call our office if you have any questions at 775-326-9152 ext. 3.

Program Details:

The core concept of the program is to give your body the right fuel throughout the day to normalize glucose and insulin levels and decrease hunger and cravings. At the same time, we will teach you how to carry on these concepts long past the end of the program.

Weekly classes provide information and an understanding about healthy eating, a healthy relationship with food, mindless eating, emotional eating, exercise and more. This plan really is a lifestyle program that sets you up for lifelong success with a return to instinctive eating, weight loss, and a healthy relationship with food.


Weekly one hour weight loss classes plus 3 individualized appointments over a 13 week period. Our classes help you change your lifestyle to manage your weight for a lifetime. Classes focus on nutrition, food preparation, eating behaviors, and physical activity.

Required Appointments:

Patients are required to have one consultation with the surgeon and the dietitian prior to starting program plus a follow up visit with our registered dietitian at the end of the program.

Patient is required to attend one educational class per week. Class times may vary.


Average weight loss is 15-25 pounds for 12 weeks.

$200 for the initial consultation fee that includes a visit with one of our three bariatric surgeons plus a visit with our registered dietitian for resting metabolic rate and body composition measurements.

$300 for 12 weeks of classes including follow up resting metabolic rate and body composition measurements.

The total cost is $500. Meal replacements are not included and prices vary.

Continuation of Program:

$225 to re-enroll for an additional 12 weeks of classes.