Robotic Weight Loss Options

Bariatric surgery may be suggested to patients with a high Body Mass Index (BMI) and other medical conditions related to obesity. Bariatric surgery, years ago, was done using open surgery through a large incision (cut). Today most often it can be accomplished by using minimally invasive techniques– through a few small incisions . Minimally invasive […]

October Recipe

Vegetable Orzo Soup This vegetable soup is easy to make and tastes great! Orzo may look like rice, but is a small piece of pasta. You will find it in the pasta aisle in the supermarket. Serves: 6 Serving size: about 1 ½ cups Ingredients 1 tbsp olive oil ¼ cup diced celery ½ cup […]

November Recipe of the Month

  Pumpkin Pie Pudding This homemade pudding may be more than work than instant pudding mix and is worth the effort. The taste is far superior plus it doesn’t have ingredients you can’t pronounce. Omit the nuts and this recipe is suitable for the smooth food and soft food stage after surgery. This recipe is […]

September Recipe of the Month

Touchdown Spinach Dip   The spinach combines with artichokes and beans to give you a dip with more fiber, reduced fat, and still tastes great. Traditional spinach dip has twice the calories and six times more fat than this easy recipe. If you want a little more kick, just sprinkle in some red pepper. Serve […]

Whole 30: Days 3-6

I feel like I’m plodding along.  I notice the more protein I eat the less hungry I am.  Imagine that!   The sugar cravings are not really and issue, but I do find myself wanting to have some legumes.   It was a busy weekend in the yard, and I was able to stay hydrated and took […]

The Whole 30: Recap of Day 2

Well yesterday was a little tough while at work.  I was in surgery and I didn’t have the availability of a home packed lunch…so I had to make due on a  salad consisting of lots of broccoli, tomatoes, and onions topped with oil and vinegar, and  a sprinkle of cashews.  It was satisfying, but didn’t […]

August Recipe

Watermelon Salad A summer picnic or barbeque wouldn’t be complete without sweet, refreshing watermelon. Give it a different spin with this easy make-ahead side dish. To pick a good melon, choose one that is free from bruises, cuts, or dents. Pick it up. It should be heavy for its size. Turn it over. The underside […]

The Whole 30 Update

I want to give a recap of day 1 for those of you who are interested. Well…What I learned yesterday was “be prepared” for success.  The early morning coffee was made with a frothed home crafted almond milk.  Surprisingly “not bad”…but not my vanilla soy milk, so I did miss that at the very start.  […]

Take advantage of summer!

Summer is a great time to take advantage of the wonderful, plentiful, fresh produce.  Reno has several locations for local farmers to sell their mouth watering, recently harvested (think tastes amazing) fruits and vegetable.   I am a vegetable fan, and summer is my time to really enjoy healthy choices, which brings me to my main […]

Recipe of the Month

  July Recipe of the Month: Fresh Herb Vinaigrette Making your own salad dressing is quick and easy. Commercially prepared salad dressings are high in sodium and have lots of additives. When you make your own dressing you can use fresh ingredients and omit the things you can’t pronounce. Take this basic recipe and experiment […]