Tasty Tuesday

Edamame &  Chicken Greek Salad Make this simple salad even easier by using rotisserie chicken from the deli. Put your salad on a bed of greens to add more veggies. If you’re packing it for lunch, put the greens in separate container to keep them crisp. At lunch time, simply put the chicken salad on […]

Brain Health and Exercise

There are tons of benefits to physical activity. Along with a balanced diet, it can lead to better heart health and weight loss. But what about the brain? Recent studies show that regular exercise can improve memory and heighten your mood. As if you needed another reason to get out and exercise, here are the […]

Great news for all our Health Store customers!

We’re making it easier for you to shop with us. We’ve partnered with Bariatric Advantage to bring you an online store. If you live out of town, or simply want the convenience of having Bariatric Advantage products delivered to your door, shop online with us. Sign up for their automatic refill program and never worry […]

Recipe of the Month

Grilled Peaches with Honey, Yogurt, and Mint Fresh peaches are in season so this is the time to enjoy them. Any variety of peach will work with this recipe, but if you use a freestone it will be easier to remove the pit. Purchase ripe peaches since they do not ripen well after they have […]

Pro Tips for More Protein

When you were young, you probably heard your parents tell you to eat your meats, dairy, fish, and grains if you wanted to grow big and strong. Believe it or not, they were right. Proteins are essential to a healthy body and can help you stay fuller for longer. In addition, they can fuel your […]

Isn’t it just peachy?

One of summer’s delights is biting into a fresh, ripe, sweet, juicy peach.  There is an abundance of this stone fruit available at the farmers markets It is best to buy ripe peaches since they do not ripen well after picking. Peaches bruise easily so use your whole hand to see if they are slightly […]

Tip of the Month

Out of sight, out of mind. A great way to avoid the tempting foods that are in your house is to put them out of sight. If they are sitting out in full view, every time you walk past the food, you may be tempted to eat. Put problematic foods in the back of the […]

Effects of Walking on Health

We encourage both our bariatric surgery and lifestyle clientele to incorporate regular exercise into their weekly routines, but where is a good place to start? If getting a gym membership seems daunting and running is a bit too taxing for you, it’s a great idea to start walking. Numerous studies have been conducted that show […]

Celebrate Culinarians Day

Culinarians are experts in the art and science of cooking and serving food but it is also a special day for anyone who cooks. That means just about all of us get to celebrate this day. You don’t have to be a chef, a graduate of a culinary institute, or a great cook to celebrate […]

Mindful Eating: Pre- and Post-Op Patients

What is mindful eating? One of our favorite websites,, defines it as helping us to learn what our body is telling us about hunger and satisfaction. Mindful eating helps us to become more aware of what part of the body is craving food – the heart, the mind and the body complex is an […]