Weight Loss Surgery Cost

Surgery costs depend on how your insurance is contracted with WBI and with your preferred facility. For a good reference though, our Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure price is $15,905* when you choose to self-pay. The prices of our other popular weight loss procedures differ slightly, but Nevada is notorious for having some of the lowest-priced weight loss procedures in the country. *price subject to change without notice.

Western Bariatric Institute in Reno, Nevada is a dedicated weight-loss unit. We specialize in three primary bariatric weight loss surgeries: Roux-En-Y Gastric BypassVertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, and Adjustable Gastric Banding. These surgeries all work under the general premise of restricting food intake to induce weight loss. Our goal at Western Bariatric Institute is to provide the safest treatment for our patients. We are committed to using the most innovative techniques wherever possible, to ensure a better surgical experience and better outcomes.

Benefits of Laparoscopic or minimally invasive surgery include:

• Smaller Incisions
• Less Pain
• Shorter Recovery Time

Watch our online seminar and learn about all the procedures we offer at WBI or visit the 7 Types of Weight Loss Surgeries blog in our news section. Western Bariatric Institute (WBI) is an established, highly experienced multidisciplinary weight loss surgery center based in Reno, Nevada. Our bariatric clinic began in 2000 as a division of Western Surgical Group, the largest surgical practice in Northern Nevada. For bariatric surgery in Reno and bariatric surgery on the west coast, we are the nation’s most trusted and affordable bariatric surgeons.

Weight loss surgery should be treated as a platform from which patients can make lifelong changes to their dietary and exercise habits.

Do you have a question about the cost of weight loss surgery? Contact Western Bariatric Insitute today and let us set you up a consultation.